Friday, October 17, 2014

Mary Kay 2014 Seminar Video


Welcome to the Alia Head National Area Blog! Our first area post will be to feature the exciting video produced from the images taken during our National Seminar in July. We had a tremendous time together so feel free to share this video with your units to encourage them to join us next year in Dallas! Also, for those of you who weren't on stage at seminar..... Wow, doesn't it look fun! Its an amazing experience that occurs one time a year!
Join us on stage July 2015!

This video covers our entire trip to seminar so sit back and enjoy, its about 14 minutes long.

Click below to watch the video.

Mary Kay 2014 Seminar, I Can & I Will

Feel free to copy a link to this blog page and post it on your facebook pages, unit newsletters or email blasts! We want to encourage everyone!

As the video title states, I can & I will!